Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday randomness

Well my day started off with breaking my toe. So that sucks. On top of that, Nate subsequently stepped on my toe in the afternoon, then I ran into a door with my thigh and it hurt so much I instinctively put all of my weight onto my foot. Garrr.... so the swelling has gotten worse and my toe and now part of my foot is a lovely shade of purply/black.

Then Nate and I were outside and Nate took a digger onto the patio and has two scraped knees. They go with his purple forehead from running into the wall while not looking where he was going (he probably comes by THAT honestly!).

Then...Mike tripped outside and scraped his head on a clamp. It's been a rough day at our house. Say, who wants to come over???

Mike's coming right along on the shed. Most of the siding is up as of today.

Door will go right there...

We were going to head out to the ball park tonight but we figured with Nate's attention span we might be able to see about oh - 15 minutes of a 3 hour game. We decided to go eat and then head to the park instead. Nate had a blast and enjoyed his swing time and going down the slide.

Notice the scraped knees...


Amanda said...

We were going to call and go for a ride in your direction. Glad we didn't. My clumsy combined with yours and someone would have needed the ER

M said...


I thought we were the only family capable of continuous injuries like that. This is fantastically comforting!

Sorry about all those wounds though.

Xstitcher said...

You have had one heck of a day. Your foot looks very reminicent of Dad's. Walking wounded seems to run in the family. I think D just ran afoul of some poison ivy while taking out a wax myrtle. Sneaky crap was hiding under all the foliage..... I think he's sterilizing now.

Whimsy said...

Wow. That's quite a combination of injuries there.

Not to be outdone - Alice fell down a flight of our stairs today. And I threw myself down right after her. Thankfully, we are both okay.

Though what is it about kids this age and the bumps and bruises? We were tallying Alice's boo-boos tonight and came up with one large forehead bruise, one gouge in her nose, two red marks on her cheek, and a large bruise on the back of her leg.

The shed is looking fantastic.