Thursday, May 14, 2009


For the past two years, Mike has always said (sometimes in jest but mostly not) that the cure for all that ails us around the house is a SHED.

"Where's my $@&# drill/screwdriver/level/paint brush..." was always accompanied by a frantic jumping up and looking around the entire house for said item. Toolboxes and fixer-upper items are strewn from top to bottom depending on where the last project took place. Hence, the frustration level of not being able to find a.damn.thing. I get it.

But now (drumroll please)... the shed is being built. Mike took off a shift from the fire station so he'd have an almost entire week to work on the shed. He's been kicking some a$$.

The foundation goes down

The walls are going up

And the roof is being raised.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate (although the weather peeps are calling for storms Friday-Sunday) and you'll see some completed pictures by the weekend!

*And yes, I feel all smart and stuff by using the word panacea. I don't get to work that into many conversation these days. :)


M said...


We have no job. No house. And yet, YET! Chris is lusting after a power washer. I keep telling him when we have a garage or shed, we can fill it up with power washers and mowers and tools and his testosterone gets all worked up and all I hear the rest of the day is grunting.

Whimsy said...

Well look at that happy shed-building man! You can almost FEEL the JOY radiating off him.

Chip also wants a shed. He has plotted a place in our tiny backyard for it.

What is with these men and their sheds? I do not understand, but if it makes them happy... (can't wait to see the finished pics - looks great so far!)

Xstitcher said...

Think when it's in the house, it's called the MAN CAVE. A place to go hide out, get anal about tool placement, and organization. Let them have the fun. We can keep girlie tools in the house, or paint the handles on theirs pink!