Saturday, April 25, 2009

This week's highlights

Daddy and Nate time

Mr. Nudie-butt didn't want to have his diaper changed so he got up mid-way through and headed for the front door. I decided to choose my battles and allowing him to wander pant-less for 5 minutes was worth not wrestling him to the ground kicking and screaming. And it makes for a cute picture.

I've been wanting to get a wagon for Nate and this is the convo Mike and I had last week:
A: I really want to get a wagon for Nate. Do you think we'd use it?
M: No. We have the (all-terrain) jogging stroller for our walks and the park.
A: Yeah, that's true. And where would we store a wagon?
M: Exactly.
A: Probably not a good idea then.

Well...check out Nate's new ride! :) Our neighborhood had a community yard sale today, so Nate and I went out for a stroll (in the 90 degree heat). Well, we only made one stop and Shazam! A wagon for $5. I couldn't pass it up.

I pulled him up and down the hallway in the house for 20 minutes (didn't you hear me say it was freaking hot outside??) and he loved it! Hopefully it will cool down sometime before November so we can take it outside.


Gina said...

$5 is amazing. We payed a ton for ours and rarely use it. It's so big and difficult to transport (we don't live on a walking-type road. But when we DO use it, we LOVE it.

Xstitcher said...

When in doubt, you could use it for a pool too. or a sandbox- multifunction is good, because then you can leave it in the backyard.

M said...

Awesome. Just awesome on all counts, the naked bum, the wagon, the cheapness thereof, the convo, all awesome.

I'm having a little wagon envy...that's a sweet ride.

Anonymous said...

You REALLY need to send in the hallway pic to Joe's!
Love, sha

Whimsy said...

Wagons are so seriously EXPENSIVE. We'd been wanting one for Alice forever, but couldn't bring ourselves to spend the +$150 for one (seriously). In the end, I got a wee plastic low-rider one from Target. It is so small, even **I** have to bend down to pull it.

Yours is so much better. LOVE. And $5? That makes it PERFECT.

Also love the naked bum!