Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts

We've been to 2 Easter Egg Hunts this week and we've had a great time. I so love that Nate is walking around on his own! It is so exciting and I can actually enjoy myself more at play dates. And hello, it's all about me, right?. :) It's so much more relaxing when Nate can play with the other kids, walk around with the toys, and I can just keep an eye on him and enjoy my conversations with the other moms.

Here he is in all his cuteness.

This egg is nummy.

Playing trains

Egg hunt at the park. Daddy came too and was the big hit with the kids. (He's a mobile jungle gym!)
First egg of the day

Here are a few short videos - one of Nate and his friend Easton on the swings and the other where Nate's taking a quick walk to Daddy. (Someone HAS to remind me not to turn the camera while taking videos!)

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