Friday, March 21, 2008

Too cute not to share

If you know Bosco, then you know that whenever you or anyone else come in the door he has to bring you something. Sometimes he is frantic deciding what to bring. It's normally his dog baby aka "Baby" or his tennis log or a shoe or a sock... you get the picture. Today I came home and he was picking up my tennis shoe to bring me and I said "No, bring me your baby" and we walked into the living room. He then tried to pick up another shoe and I said "Bosco, where's your baby?" You know what he did? Wait for it...

He went straight to Nathan's bassinet and looked inside for him. How cute is that? He loves his little brother.

So, not only has having a baby in the house been a transition for Mike and me, it's also been a big change for Bosco. He loves baby Nate and he shows his love by licking him every time he walks by. He has been so good lately. He's not getting quite as much attention as before (I am making a conscious effort to spend time with him) but he is going with the flow.

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