Friday, July 8, 2011


It appears to be baby time here.  I know I was scheduled for my induction next Wednesday, which is only 5 days away, but it seemed awfully scary when the docs told me today to go next door and check in to L&D.

Two weeks ago during a growth ultrasound I was told that my amniotic fluid was really low (like 1 pocket of fluid instead of say at least 12 that I should've had).  I started having non-stress tests 2x a week (which I was scheduled to start the next week anyways since I'm on anti-coagulants) and the baby has been looking great each visit.  Today's ultrasound to check fluid showed that it was still too low and it's not good for Claire to stay in there any longer.

We're still on board with an induction and not a c-section.  I just can't start that until at least noon tomorrow since I took my Arixtra shot this morning.  Even the cervix-softening meds are off the table tonight in case that would cause me to start having contractions.  I'm okay with all this especially since I need the option of an epidural and anesthesia can't hook me up until for at least 24 hours from my shot.  Okay, they actually said 36 hours but I'm in denial because I'd like to have a baby tomorrow and not Sunday.  Not that anything is wrong with Sunday, it just seems like a long damn time here in the hospital.

So guess what's been on my To Do list for the past 3 weeks?  Hmmm, make a birth plan and pack a bag.  Apparently this is what I get for procrastinating like I do! :)  I guess I thought I'd do that this weekend so the joke's on me!

So, after my mini panic attack at the doctor's office, I tried to get ahold of Mike to no avail.  To his defense he was at a fire department funeral and didn't have his phone with him.  I called my parents and asked them to drop everything and come.  My friend Medina took Nate (Thank you Medina!) and I ran home to leave a key for my Mom and grab Mike's clothes and of course my ipad and chargers.  Amanda (awesome Amanda) met me at the hospital so I wouldn't be alone.  Having her here really helped calm me down.  Matt called the dispatchers and explained the sitch (non-emergency - but track down Mike to call me) and they did track him down at the funeral.  Thankfully everyone was so understanding and helpful. 

So in a nutshell, so far so good here.  Since I'm "high risk" all the teams have been contacted (hematology, anesthesia, surgery, etc) and we have a plan together.  I'm sure everyone will be sick of my FB updates until I'm actually in labor.  Too bad.  I gotta do something and my WWF isn't loading.  I'm thinking it's bed time so goodnight all.

It may be a long wait now but I can't tell you how ecstatic I am to meet my little baby Claire. 

Love to all!  I have awesome family and friends and I'm so thankful!


Rainyday said...

Eeeeeek showtime!!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it all plays out. You can do it, wonder woman!

Whimsy said...

Congrats, btw... I've was stalking you on FB but we were traveling and had a hard time actually commenting on your updates. Can't wait to hear your story, and Claire's. So excited for you guys!