Friday, November 19, 2010


We're feeling pretty crafty around these parts lately.  Since Tuesday AM when I hosted a craft play date, Nate has been all about making his own creations.  It was the first time he just hopped up and wanted to do the craft with me.  He had me trace his hand about 10 times.  He discovered scissors and there's no looking back.  I'm quite a proud Mom too, because he holds his scissors correctly.  I think that's awesome dexterity for a two year old.

We made Skype calls to Daddy at the fire station and to Nana and Nate told them all about his "turkey craft". He told me what he is thankful took all day for that stinker to admit he was thankful for Mama.  I was determined to only write down what he told me although I would've cried myself to sleep over the absence of my name. :)  Good thing he came to his senses.
We've since made those cute turkey cards to send to our family.

Nate wants to "cut scissors" all the time now.  It was actually the first thing he asked to do this morning when we came downstairs (even before milk!).  He's taken quite a shine to gluing too.  He's made a lot of "glue paper". 
Last night I asked Nate what he wanted to make and he said a cow. He did all the gluing and here's our finished product.

I've gotta admit, I love this phase - I could do construction paper crafts all day long.

Tonight we're waiting for Daddy to come home and Nate's relaxed and watching Stuart Little 3 for the umpteenth time.  I heart that Netflix is available on the Wii.

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