Friday, December 4, 2009

Just for Michelle

Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the ass and a "For God's sake, update the blog already!" to get me to post something new.

We had a great Thanksgiving with my parents and Nana down in NC. Nate loved being around the family. By the 3rd night, he was giving goodnight kisses to all. He hadn't even done that much at home. Mike worked on T'giving, so we dined on steak and all the fixings on Thursday, saving the big turkey dinner for Friday. I was so excited for Nate to enjoy eating his first Thanksgiving meal this year, but we had an afternoon meal and he was passed out cold for his afternoon nap when we ate. Oh well. Next year.
We had gorgeous weather and a great park day on Thanksgiving day

About to enjoy some baby back ribs

Rock star

Thanksgiving 2009

The king of downtown New Bern

Loving the fountain

Mom, Dad, and Nana

While out and about, Nate stopped in to say hi to Santa

Yea for Nate and Mom pictures!

I didn't do any crazy Black Friday shopping and I'm not one bit sad about that. I think I'm almost finished shopping. Big thanks to my friend Amazon and his friend free super saver shipping.

I'm getting in the Christmas mood and really want to start decorating. That pesky bitch "cleaning" is getting in my way. Really, I've GOT to clean up this place before dragging out all the decorations. I did pull out a few things tonight and Nate is already driving me crazy with the whining and touching. I'm not sure what to do with the Christmas tree. Decorations from the middle to top? Soft ornaments on the bottom? Anchor it to the wall so it doesn't get pulled over? ARGH! Maybe I'm not too anxious to get everything put up.
Checking out Santa and his plane

Other news - Nate let Mike cut his hair with the clippers yesterday. His hair looks cute. I love that the top is shorter now. He has a heinous cowlick in the back and of course his hair wants to go the opposite direction. Problem solved!


Xstitcher said...

Thank you, Michelle!

Next year, we eat later?

Whimsy said...

Love the pictures! And how, praytell, did you get him even **near** Santa without screaming? We did this awful Santa Flyby last weekend and Alice FLIPPED OUT.

Sha said...

Is that what I said?