Thursday, December 18, 2008


Long time, no blog. Since last I posted, we went to the BAE Systems Christmas party with Matt and Amanda. The night started out fine and a few good pictures were taken:

And then THIS happened. This tasty (ha!) concoction was called a "Flea Bite". If anyone ever offers you one, run the other direction. Matt (aka The Pusher) made fast friends with the bartender and he made all sorts of evil things for us to consume.

Brief respite for a cute couples picture.

Then the drunkies paired up and our loving spouses tried to act like they thought we were funny/cute. I'm pretty sure by the end of the night, I was neither funny nor cute.

Here's the last picture of the night before I excused myself to the ladies room. It was an early night for me.

Last weekend Mike and I went to see Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy with a big group of friends. Thanks Sallie for arranging it! We had an awesome dinner and then I have to say I was mesmerized by the show. It's amazing to see how the human body can move. The sheer strength of those people was crazy. Poor Nate though...or should I say poor Amanda and Skyler?? Nate is going through some separation anxiety lately. Apparently he screamed for a good long time. Amanda said she was fine with it (at least she now believes me that he's not always angelic!). She and Skyler went to such lengths as to sing and dance, go for a car ride, and watch 1 minute clips of SuperWhy! on Youtube. Amanda said at one point Skyler said "I'm doing the best that I can!". I've said that very thing on many an occasion!

Mike's been in HazMat Chemistry class for the past two weeks. He has learned so much and I think he's enjoyed his time away from the station. It's been nice having him home every night but oh my aching back! I've been toting Nate around to all my clients' houses every day for the past 2 weeks. I normally only take him with me twice a week or so since Mike's schedule is 24 on/48 off. It's really made me aware of how fortunate to have Mike home so much.

I have some good video of Nate in his walker. Well. I don't have it right this sec, but once I upload it, I'll put it up. He's so freaking cute. He loves to go into the kitchen, take magnets off the fridge and tote them all around the house. He also loves to go to the back door and grab the blinds and shake them like crazy. Bosco's learned to move quickly or he's bound to get run over!

I've been lamenting to my mommy friends that Nate's been a PITA when it comes to diaper time. And when it's time to get dressed. And when it's time to get into his car seat. Or his high chair. Gah! It's miserable! Everyone tells me it's a phase, but just how long is this going to last?? I started to take this next picture because he was so cute with a Puff stuck on his chin. It quickly turned to "I've been in this seat too damn long, Mom" time. This is also what he looks like when I try to sit him in it to start.

Fun times at our house. Self-inking stamp, a ball, and a box of lawn bags. Good times indeed.

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Amanda said...

Aww he's just morphing into a toddler and that species isn't always the best behaved!!!

We loved having him and we can't wait to do it again. Skyler keeps remembering the smiles. She's blocked out the tears ;-)